Tryptical Pt1: Nightlads

by Faunlet

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Faunlet :

Peter- vocals, guitar

Tryptical Pt1: Nightlads performed and recorded with:

Peter- vocals, guitar
Duda - bass
Volo - drums


released April 26, 2012

Music & Lyrics by Peter
Recorded at "Somewhere over the rainbow"
Mixed by Duda
Mastered by Konrad



all rights reserved


Faunlet București, Romania

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Track Name: Tupique
I don't like daddy
He smells funny
He has scratchy hair on his face, arms and belly and below
Daddy he lets me not
Kiss him on the mouth
He says boys don't do that
But what does a boy even mean?
Daddy he lets me sit on his lap
Something hard is poking my little back
Daddy's razor will set me free
Track Name: Throne Away
I sit on my throne
Forever alone
In my castle made of bones
With black marble floors
Surrounded by seas
Waves crashing inside me
Creating the saddest most desolate of harmonies
I am your queen
Kneel before me
And ask for forgiveness
It shall not be given
I'm never awake
I'm never asleep
Acutely lucid
Deeply catatonic
My rooms are empty fields
Where nothing ever grows
Your statue keeps breaking
And echoes and echoes
You are my prince
I'm cemetery silence
I'm wind in your dreams
I destroy everything
Track Name: Mister P.
Your perfect white skin
Your perfect white face
I will teach you to shave
Your soft untouched breath
Will arouse me to death
It will never be mine
Don't you ever grow old
Or i'll turn into mold
And all my stories untold
Will keep you where you belong
The pure scent of your armpits
Will knock me right off my feet
I will teach you how to break
Don't you ever grow old
Or i'll turn into mold
And all my barbed wire songs
Will teach you where you belong